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14 September 2010.

In less than 2 hours, the freshman pulled together a "proof of concept" design prototype wherein they imaged a document illuminated at different times by multiple fiber optic light sources, measured critical geometries of the camera, object and light positions, and input this data into the software available by HP! Well done!!


5 October 2010.
Freshman Imaging Project Students hold a 1-hour video conference with Tom Malzbender from HP, one of the pioneers of PTM technology.


7 October 2010
Sam Valerio demonstrates the use of a light box and explains the concept of metamerism.


21 October 2010
Scarlett Montanaro shows Nadya Spice how to solder.


4 November 2010

Putting the finishing touches on the Preliminary Design Review in the Innovation Center


8 November 2010
The "mini-dome"...


10 November 2010
Preliminary Design Review

Fall Quarter Freshmen Imaging Class

11 January 2011
The illumination group makes radiometric measurements of their LED's.


February 8, 2011
The dome has received its first coat of paint.