Imaging Student Biographies

Dashiell Kopp

  • Experience
    • AP Calculus AB and BC
    • 4 years high school engineering sequence (PLTW - Project Lead the Way)
      • 3-D Modelling, circuit work, robotics, fabrication of various products
    • Photography class in high school

Maggie Castle: Imaging Science

  • Experience
    • AP Chemistry/ AP Calculus/ AP Statistics
    • Experience in ProE CAD software
    • Beginning and Advanced Engineering courses in High School
    • Professional Engineering Internship at Moog Inc.

Ashley Miller: Imaging Science

  • Experience:
    • AP Chemistry
    • AP Calculus AB
    • AP Statistics
    • Intro to Imaging Science (taken at RIT during Junior year of High School)
    • Journey of a Photon (taken at RIT during Sophomore and Junior year of High School, studied light)

Jenna Shorkey: General Science Exploration

  • Experience
    • College level Calculus Courses
    • Experience with AutoCAD
    • Technology classes in high school

Stefano Prezioso: Biomedical Photographic Communications
  • Experience
    • Three years of photography background.
    • Experience in Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5, Adobe Lightroom 3, Adobe InDesign CS5
    • Editor in Chief of Yearbook during Senior Year
    • AP Calculus BC
    • AP Biology
    • College Level Chemistry Courses during High School

Jarrett Almand: Civil and Environmental Tech Engineering

  • Experience
    • Robotics and PBasic programming
    • Electrical experience
    • Tin sculpting (welding and soldering)
    • AP Studio Art (high school- my only experience with cameras)
    • Introduction to Engineering Class in High School
    • Science Olympiad through High School (Build stuff)
    • Keeps both Kevin and Phoenix out of trouble

Phoenix Rodden: Game Design and Development

  • Experience:
    • Java, C# programming languages
    • 3 years of programming
    • General carpentry and woodworking (you don't want me near metal or synthetic materials, trust me)
    • Keeps Kevin out of trouble

Kevin Dickey: Imaging Science
  • Experience:
      • 6 years' photography background.
      • Comfortable with using all sorts of tools - worked on vintage cars.
      • Keeps Phoenix out of trouble.
      • Led the design and fabrication of the PTM "mini-dome".

Eric Scaraglino: Imaging Science

  • Experience:
    • Won 2nd place at RIT-hosted high school science fair
    • College level Calculus/Biology/Physics during High School
    • High School Plasma Lab at UCLA
    • Video Film classes at high school
      • Filming, editing, and movies!

Dan Goldberg: Imaging Science
  • Experience:
    • AP Computer Science, AP Calculus
    • Worked for a year and a half at a CVS as a Photo Technician

Scarlett Montanaro: Imaging Science

  • Experience:
    • AP Computer Science, AP Physics, AP Calculus
    • FIRST Robotics
    • Electrical Experience
    • PLTW courses (RIT engineering courses)
    • Imaging Science Summer Internship
    • AutoCAD experience

Sam Valerio: Imaging Science

  • Experience:
    • AP Chemistry/Physics B/Calculus AB
    • That's pretty much it unfortunately.....

Jonathan Rowe: Imaging Science

  • Experience:
    • AP Calculus, AP Physics C
    • 2 years Industrial/Systems Engineering related experience.
    • 2 years paid photography and videography work for Eastern Boarder.
    • Technology/Engineering student of the year.

Nadya Spice: Imaging Science

  • Experience:
    • 4 years photography experience
    • AP Physics/Calc BC/Photography

Kurt Rose: Imaging Science

  • Experience:
    • 3 years of photography experience