The Freshman Imaging Project is a year-long sequence of courses built around a single project aimed at designing, developing, and building a functional imaging system through a unified team effort. With the help of faculty and staff from across the imaging science program, students will plan and organize the effort, conduct trade studies to assess technology options, and validate that the resulting system meets desired levels of performance.
This approach to technical education emphasizes real-world, hands-on problem solving by student-led interdisciplinary teams. It offers participating students a degree of autonomy and responsibility rarely found at the freshman level. If this approach is successful, students who participate in this project will demonstrate the following outcomes:
  • a general understanding of the foundational concepts of imaging science,
  • an in-depth knowledge of at least one aspect of imaging science,
  • a working knowledge of the principles of systems engineering,
  • proficiency in oral and written technical communication,
  • an appreciation for the value of interdisciplinary teamwork in technical disciplines, and
  • innovation and creativity in their approach to problem solving
For the fall quarter, students will work with prospective users of their system to define relevant performance parameters, document a system specification, and develop plans for a series of technology trade-off studies. The fall quarter will culminate with a “Preliminary Design Review” in which an external board of evaluators assesses whether sufficient progress has been made to proceed with the next phase of development.
Joe Pow
Office: Carlson Building, room 2259
Office Phone: 585-475-7323
Cell Phone: 585-750-3316
E-mail: pow at cis.rit.edu, joepow at gmail.com
Office Hours: My schedule is highly variable from day to day. Please contact me by e-mail to arrange a mutually agreeable time if you need to meet with me.
Other faculty and staff from the Center for Imaging Science will serve as “mentors” for this group throughout the year. Contact information for these individuals is available on the CIS web site (www.cis.rit.edu).
Teaching Assistant:
Dave Kelbe
Office: TBA
E-mail: djk2312 at cis.rit.edu
Schedule & Location:
Regular class meetings will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00 pm – 2:50 pm in the Carlson Building, room 3125. This room is a dedicated space, for use only by students enrolled in the Freshman Imaging Project. Students registered for this class will have 24/7 card swipe access to the facility.
Additional informal meetings with other imaging science “mentors” will be held on a weekly basis. Further information about schedule and location of these meetings will be provided as soon as it is available.
Students are not required to purchase a textbook for this class. Students will however need to seek out, read, analyze, and report on suitable materials from online databases and other library resources.
During the first week of the quarter, students will work with the instructor and other faculty mentors to jointly establish a fair and equitable plan for evaluating performance.